What does it mean to you?

My experiences, amongst others (not wholly about being parented) led me into therapy.  My parenting skills weren’t the best.  The legacy of my past has been transformed by receiving therapy and becoming a counsellor and psychotherapist.  How we ‘mother’ or ‘parent’ ourselves is often a recurring theme in counselling.  How do you ‘mother’ or ‘parent’ yourself?  Can you 'mother' others but not yourself?  If you are questioning if counselling or therapy can help with issues you struggle with, please contact Kathy Rose on 07946 549 321 or email .

The January Blues

Are you struggling with the January blues?  Often the January skies are grey, it’s dull and cold outside and sometimes if what we feel on the inside is also dull and grey (for whatever reason), the outside world brings into sharp focus our struggles.  We may be powerless over the weather but how we look after ourselves and take care of ourselves, and our problems whilst waiting for the skies to change is something we can take action with.  Sometimes our situation isn’t going to change and a sense of powerlessness can spread.  If you can’t see a way forward; or don’t know where to start?  It may be that talking to a counsellor could help?


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